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One-day handbuilding Ikebana Workshop - CPH


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The one-day course is for those of you who would like to make your very own bowl based on the Japanese flower tradition, Ikebana.

You will learn to model your very own unique bowl/vase, which you can use for flowers - large or small. The idea behind this workshop is to get an introduction to modeling clay by hand using different techniques and, at the same time, get inspiration for what the bowls can be used for. We will try other techniques that will give you a broad understanding of how to build vases without the aid of the turntable. As mentioned, the focus is on bowls or small vases, as this workshop aims to shed light on their properties and skills. For most people, bowls are considered to be used for breakfast or snacks respectively, but after this workshop, you will hopefully go home with creative ideas for how you can also use dishes and bowls.

The course will consist of the following:

  • An introduction to Ikebana and its history. Including an understanding of what the meaning of the vases is.
  • Examples of ways you can use a Kenzan/Ikebana arrangement in flower bowls.
  • Techniques for building up in clay using the plate and 'sausage' techniques and how these elements are combined to form "flower holders."
  • Review of glaze choices.
  • Cleanup, and thanks for today.

Your teacher is Bastian Bjerge - a passionate flowerist and ceramic artist who specialises in small sculptural creations with a romantic and poetic twist.

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