Estudio Vernís

Pitxer - Pitcher

CHF 105

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Beautiful pitcher handmade by Estudio Vernís -  a ceramic workshop settled in the Mediterranean.

This piece is part of Estudio Vernís tableware collection. A collection that was born from the need to elevate their hand-building techniques and take ash glaze formulation to a new horizon. They developed pieces to eat, drink, share, store, and generally savor everyday life. They appreciate that every single piece they make contains their very own fingerprints in it. By following their traces in each piece, you may find some hints of the processes that built it. "The pieces are shaped by the artist's hands, but they are finished by chance". The wood kiln and the ash glaze make a huge difference in the final appearance of each piece, making them utterly unique.


Stoneware Fired at 1300ºC with wood. Unglazed, only suitable for water.


ø 21 cm x 12 cm 1,5 L

Please note each piece is unique.

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