YONOBI classes - Aarhus

One-day Kurinuki workshop - Aarhus


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  • Location: YŌNOBI STUDIO, Graven 24b, 8000 Aarhus
  • Duration: 3 hours per class
  • Time: 10:00 - 13:00
  • Price: 550 DKK
  • Includes all materials (unlimited clay and decoration slip) and firing. Organic tea and coffee are provided.
  • Language: Danish, English
  • Level: All levels

Introducing brand new workshop with artist Signe Boisen. The workshop explore the japanesse technique 'Kurinuki'. 

Kurinuki is a Japanese technique and can be translated to “to dig out”. Signe explains about the process: "The process starts with a solid lump of clay, and by cutting small pieces off one by one, I’ll find the shape of my object. When I’ve found the shape I’ll let the lump dry a bit to harden the outside of the shape. That way, I can hold the outside of the form in my palm while removing material from the inside, in order to end up with a container. The process is extremely slow and conscious, and results In unique objects every time."

Ceramic artist Signe Boisen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy in 2021 and works sculpturally and functionally. In creating her objects, she focuses on using her hands as the primary tool. When working with clay, she keeps a constant awareness and respect for the material's quality and durability; with that knowledge, she pushes the limits. The work often has a repetitive pattern in both the production state and the finished pieces, playing with symmetry and asymmetry.


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