Sofie Berg

Wood fired Teapot no.6


Beautiful, unique wood-fired teapot handmade by Sofie Berg. This is a teapot perfect for two or if you want a lot of tea for yourself that stays warm for a longer time.

The material is stoneware and hand-thrown. The teapot is fired in a kiln, built by herself, and fired with wood. The ceramic pieces stacked inside the kiln consist of just clay. No glaze is used. The process takes a whole day of constantly adding wood to the fire. During the firing, ash from the wood covers the ceramics and melts down to a glaze. In the end, she throws salt into the kiln. It reacts with the clay and also creates a glaze.

The firing is finished when she has reached a temperature of 1280-1290°C. This process creates ceramic pieces consisting of just clay, ash, and salt - natural materials. Every object is unique due to its placement in the kiln and the amount of ash and salt attached to it. The kiln Sofie has built is small, and the process is long, which limits collections of wood-fired pieces.

Due to the nature of handmade ceramics, all sizes and glaze colors are subject to small variations.

This product is certified as safe to use with food.


H 13 cm

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