YONOBI featured artist: Ghost Wares

The ceramic mugs and tableware are made by Australian Ghost Wares based in Melbourne. Like so many of YONOBIs artists, Ghost Wares embodies simplicity and minimalism, leaving the clay to its more raw and structured features. Ghost’s ceramic collection is a permanent collection at YONOBI. You can shop the collection online or visit us in our store in the center of Copenhagen in Løvstræde.

Despite being an Australian ceramic brand, Ghost’s ceramics collection strongly represents the values of YONOBI. Each piece is handmade and therefore unique in both look and touch. 

The making of Ghost stoneware

Made by the Australian duo Matthew Vrettas and Stephanie Yap, Ghost became a reality after the couple started pottery classes together just for the fun of it. Over time the two moved over to make ceramics full-time creating Ghost Wares. The philosophy behind each product is to make them feel ‘precious but familiar’. The minimalist design blend perfectly with the back setting of any home, made with enough character to entice anyone drinking from a mug or eating from a plate.

Ghost coffee mug for everyday use

All Ghost wares are shaped in simple lines. The craftsmen behind Ghost focus on keeping the clay and structure as true as possible. If you wish to prolong the lifespan of each cup, mug, plate, and vase, you should be careful when stacking the cups. All Ghost stonewares are made for the everyday use of daily life and are therefore suitable for both dishwasher and microwave without breaking.

How to fix a cracked coffee mug?

If you by chance risk breaking your coffee mug the simplest way is to glue the pieces back together. Unfortunately, this rarely looks flattering, but there is a way to fix your broken mug and keep it looking beautiful as ever. With the kintsugi kit, you can easily repair any ceramic ware and also make your pottery even more unique. Kintsugi is a Japanese technique where golden glue is used to stick the broken pieces back together. In the end, your pottery will be threaded with a golden seam holding the cup together in one piece.