Our Hasami pottery selections combine traditional Japanese pottery aesthetics with the simplicity of contemporary kitchenware. Originating from the town of Hasami in Nagasaki during the Edo period of Japan, the crafting of Hasami Porcelain in Japan has been practiced for nearly 400 years. Today’s Hasami porcelainware is famously characterized by its minimalistic design and many functionalities.

How Hasami porcelain is made: The selections of our contemporary Japanese pottery are designed for everyday use. Hasami pottery is made durable for the lives of every modern household. If you have fallen for the simple looks of the Hasami design, you do not need to worry about wearing down your ceramic items. 

Hasami Porcelainware is 100 percent dishwasher safe! You can even use Hasami ceramics to reheat your dinner or a cup of tea in the microwave. Food or drinks will not stain the porcelain.


Today's modern tableware design of Hasami Porcelain was created by Japanese artist Takuhiro Shinomoto. The designing philosophy of Shinomoto was to create simple and modern tableware using the original manufacturing techniques of Hasami craftsmen in Japan. These crafting techniques are found in every step in the process of making our ceramics - from molding the clay to the final touches.

In our shop, you will find a broad selection of Hasami dinnerware, japanese porcelain mugsplatesbowlsteapots, Hasami vintage bottle and wooden trays.

Our selection is manufactured in the town of Hasami in Japan. Here the unique crafting techniques have been passed down through generations of Japanese potters. Even though the pottery is manufactured through a mutual process, each product has its specialized characteristics reflected in the distinctiveness of each craftsman.

Are you looking for where to buy Hasami porcelain? You can buy pottery or find our the Hasami porcelain set in our japanese ceramics shop in Copenhagen.

There is a certain comfort in touching the soft textures of modern Hasami pottery that you will undoubtedly notice at first glance. Mixing natural soil and stone, each piece has a textured surface that differentiates from creation to creation. The mixture of raw natural resources used in the glazing of the pottery gives it an organic vibe that resonates throughout our entire selection.


Hasami pottery is produced for easy use with multi-functionality abilities. Originally the Japanese pottery techniques were developed by Hasami craftsmen for creating ceramics on a mass-production scale. This functionality in the design makes for a multitude of uses for every piece. 

You will quickly discover how easy it is to fit Hasami on your kitchen shelves. Our Japanese pottery is easily stacked. Hasami Mugsjapanese stoneware bowls, and plates can serve multiple functions and lids, serving trays or storage for your food. Hasami is a unique and modern pottery design perfect for every use and occasion.

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