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Single flower vases by YONOBI

Our selection of single flower vases is crafted by ceramic artists from all over the world. The shared feature of these vases is the use of timeless colors and shapes. The vases from YONOBI are simple and unique in their design. Handmade by gifted artists from countries like Japan, Denmark, and France, each vase represents the ideas and feelings of every single craftsman. 

What do you put in a bud vase?

Are you in need of inspiration to style your single flower vase? Since the vases can only fit a limited number of flowers, there are several flowers you can use for the vases, of course depending on the season. For smaller vases, flowers like small peonies or a couple of tulips can work really well. Even simpler, you can arrange your vases with simple everlasting dried straws. For the longer vases stem roses or sunflowers are beautiful for spring and summer. For winter carnations or a single orchid adorns the vases with their soft colors.

Interior decor in all shapes and sizes

Sharing a small mouth opening, the single flower vases vary in size and shape. If you are going for a tall and slender look, the vases by ceramic artist Yuka Ando are just right for you. You may go for a bolder look and a colorful design? Then the one flower vase by Ryuji Iwasaki is a true gem with its sleek surface and special color pattern. The different designs make it possible for you to arrange the flowers in your own way. A single stem rose can be even more beautiful to behold than a bouquet of red roses.

What height should flowers be in a vase?

Cutting your flowers to match the vase depends of course on the size of the flower and the vase. For a single flower, the general rule is that the flowers should be between one and a half to two times the height of your vase. If a long stem rose is around 40 centimeters, then the vase should measure between 20 and 30 centimeters.