We can offer one day class for you and your colleagues, family or friends. You can choose between hand-building or wheel throwing workshop. 

We recommend that you spend at least 3 hours with us in order to get a full experience. Wheel throwing is really fun but also challenging, so you need to bring some patience. Hand-building is also great fun, and is a little easier to engage in but challenging in terms of imagination. We focus on technique and the proces, and whatever you choose, you will definitely have fun and everybody will have something to bring home. 

A workshop will include

A short introduction to ceramics, the clay that we use and what you can make out of clay.

The teacher will demonstrate a technique that you will learn. And you will spend the time here practising this technique when creating your own pieces. The teacher will help you individually with your pieces. 

If you choose wheel throwing, you will practise making a cylinder (cups and bowls, plates etc)

If you choose to hand-build, you can make either a small sculpture or cups and vases etc. 

In the end we will help each other clean up the space. 

When you have made your pieces, they need to be fired the first time. Then we will glaze the pieces, with a glaze of your choosing, and fire them once more. After 1-2 weeks your pieces are ready and you can pick them up in the studio.

We can customize a workshop to fit into some kind of theme that you wish to work with 

The price is for a class up to 8 people and includes everything you need for the workshop, aprons, materials, glazing and the firing. And we will serve coffee, tea and cereal-bars when you are here.

3 hours: 7.500 kr. 

4 hours: 9.500 kr. 

5 hours: 10.500 kr.

(The prices are including tax)

Please write to our studio manager Grit at grit@itsyonobi.com if you have questions or would like to book your next team day at Yonobi Studio.