Caroline Harrius

Embroidered coiled porcelain vase


YONOBI is deeply honored to be able to present two truly unique pieces of art by Swedish artist Caroline Harrius. 

The pieces are a unique example of the melding of two different crafts - embroidery and pottery. The vases are hand coiled in porcelain and only glazed on the inside. After the final firing, Harrius punctures the shiny, semi-functional vases with holes and then pulls through threads to produce patterns and floral motifs that explore gender norms and hierarchies in craft history, specifically focusing on those typically associated with women. Her works reevaluate artistic techniques as she takes both pottery and embroidery out of their traditional contexts, combines, and then reimagines them, stretching the boundary of each craft. This results in unexpected pieces that prompt viewers to question perception and textures (i.e. whether a ceramic could “feel” soft and fibrous like fabric or whether a needle and thread are robust enough to puncture through clay.)

The result is nothing we have seen before and a true piece of art. This is also why you can now see similar pieces handmade by Harrius in the 

 Malmö Art Museums' permanent collection. 

Please note! These vases can not have water or any other liquid inside of them, they are purely decorative. Water might discolor the thread, and the water will leak out of drilled holes in the vases.


H 34cm x Ø 23cm

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