Af Jord

'Nær' Vase no. 17


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'NÆR' vase - decorated with sand from Espergærde beach, a small fisherman town in northern Denmark. 'Nær' (near) is a vase that captures the innocent and wilderness of the sandy hills of Denmark.

The delicate surface is a result of long research about how to capture the surface and feel of sand - on a hand-thrown ceramic vase. When you touch the vase you can feel all the sandy grains, and some may even stay in your palm.

The vase is handcrafted by Louise Reimer, who is the artist behind 'Af Jord'. You can read more about Louise Reimer and see the process of the vases here.

Please avoid scratching the surface with sharp and hard items, since that may result in damaging the surface of the vase. 


h 17 x ø 16,5 cm

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