Quentin Marais



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Fantastic basket handmade by Quentin Marais. Quentin Marais is a French artist. His work is built around childhood; he imagines with memories, images from this period, memories of places, towns, cities, objects, and everyday life.

Clay gives him that freedom. For him, it bridges a symbolic world and our contemporary universe. It offers the plasticity between the useful and the useless and reveals the link between the imaginary and the concrete. There is no nostalgia or melancholy but a desire to find this "primary" freedom and this childish lightness. Like a construction game, like a memory game. His pieces are made by assemblies of stoneware and porcelain. They are shaped with coils, plates, casting, or modeling.

The clay is left raw, decorated, enameled, or tinted in the mass. The whole is fired in a gas oven reduced to 1280 °.


H 16 x w 22  

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