Ryuji Iwasaki

Unique bowl no 35


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Beautiful, unique bowl handmade by Japanese artist Ryuji Iwasaki. 

Iwasaki was born in Osaka in 1980, where he still lives and works in his studio/home - also called Studio Depth. 

Ryuji has always been a creator ever since he was a child; he'd played around with clay and explored his imagination. His passion for exploring and being creative has continued in his work with ceramics. Everything is hand-thrown on the pottery wheel - and finished with unique colors and glaze details. Color is an essential part of Ryuji Iwasaki's work, and each piece is a study of variation in hues and colors, made by adjusting glazes, the number of glazes, their ratios of the mixture, how glazes dripped, how they are fired and by many other factors. The result is fascinating and unique.  


 Ø12 x H9cm

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