Amanda Betz x YŌNOBI

YŌNOBI is proud to present a new beautiful exhibition in our Copenhagen store, the exhibition is a collaboration between the artist Amanda Betz & YŌNOBI.

Amanda Betz is an architect who works with paper as a medium of communicating architectural concepts as well as innovative design solutions. Amanda’s works are poetic and graceful. In her practice, she is constantly working between the field of art, design and architecture and creating a connection through paper. 

 Picture from Amanda Betz

The folding wall that Betz has crafted is inspired by the Japanese Byōbu or "wind wall". An elegant construction that has the function of separating interiors or creating smaller private spaces. First, an intricate pattern is drawn, mapped out, and cut out on paper with a laser cutter.  This allows for precision that is not possible by hand. The perforation of the paper makes the structure appear lighter and creates opportunities for air and sunlight to go through the construction. The frame is made from joining wood with as little external fasteners as possible, using the wood's natural ability to create stability. The paper is then attached to the frame by using a sliding wooden mechanism that holds the paper taught.


Amanda Betz graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2005 and was awarded the acclaimed VOLAprize for her final project. Her pendant Shayk has been displayed in the MoMA store in New York and was on the cover of the MoMA Catalogue in April 2015. She has received several grants from the Danish Art Council, worked with brands as MENU, Artecnica, Le Klint, ELVO & Pandora. She won the prize as Artisan of the Year 2019 by Bobedre, Costume Living and Boligmagasinet. 


 Picture from Amanda Betz

This exhibition curated by YŌNOBI is a mixture of some gems from Amanda’s atelier as well some unique paper folding techniques together with a mix of soft handmade ceramics from the YONOBI collection. Explore the ceramics from the exhibition here.

YŌNOBI will host this exhibition from June 10th until the beginning of July 2021. 


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