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Being my home town and the place where YONOBI was started and founded, it holds a special place in my heart and my belief, Copenhagen is certainly one of the most stylish of the Scandinavian cities. It’s a relaxed, down-to-earth place, with effortlessly well-dressed Danes casually cycling past, bustling cafes spilling out onto the tranquil waterfronts and smart design shops waiting to be explored.

Below I have listed my favorite places to explore and be inspired, to eat and to find ceramics and other precious items. Not in the area? But still dying to get your hands in some Danish ceramics - take a look here where we have gathered some of our favorite ceramics made by Danish artists.

The guide is divided into areas - and 'What to see', 'What to eat' and 'Stores to visit'.







Glyptoteket is one of my favorite places to get inspired, besides having more than 10,000 works of art and archaeological objects, Glyptoteket is masters of creating interesting ways of viewing art and their sense of colors is just so inspiring. I can guarantee you, that when you leave this place you will want to paint at least one of your walls at home. And when you're tired of walking around the beautiful settings make your way to Café Glyptoteket, which is located right next to the lovely Winter Garden and offers an exciting range of culinary experiences through the day – all the way from a delicate brunch to a more classic lunch, all prepared with fresh, carefully selected raw materials.

Credit: Glyptoteket Instagram

When you are in the area do your self a favor and walk through the old streets and along the canal 'Frederiksholms Kanal', it's one of my favorite areas in the city - and home of the old YONOBI store, which now our pottery studio, where you can join our pottery classes. The classes are very popular, so do book in advance. 


Designmuseum Danmark

This is Denmark’s largest museum of Danish and international design. From furniture and industrial design to decorative and applied arts, there’s something for everyone. When I went there was an exhibition on Danish Design Now, reflecting on the country’s new designers and craftsmen as well as tendencies, lifestyle choices, and technological innovations. Outside, the popular cafe spills out into the courtyard, and the museum store is also worth a visit or two, as they have a great selection of design items, books, and even some handmade ceramics. 


SMK - National Gallery of Denmark

One of my favorite museums in Copenhagen, the space is so beautiful and the glass pavilion is always decorated in new and modern ways. Always very inspiring to visit. The museum has a classic department but also has new and interesting exhibitions, so keep an eye on their program. When you are visiting the museum do yourself the favor to stop by their store, but also and none the least the café. 'SMK Kafeteria'. Kafeteria is SMK’s unique eatery. Internationally renowned artist Danh Vo is behind the interior design and Vo has set new standards for a museum cafe. The ambition behind Kafeteria is to create synergy between food and art – and to invite you to an experience serving as a gateway to the story and art collection that is SMK.

Danish and Japanese influences intermingle in the cafe design, where Danh Vo has selected classical danish furniture mixed with Italian designer Enzo Maris’s do-it-yourself furniture and Japanese Isam Noguchi’s lantern inspired lamps.

Kafeteria is run by Copenhagen-based chef and restaurateur Frederik Bille Brahe, who presents a green kitchen and dishes prepared from simple principles. Kafeteria has its own bakery and is particularly known for its large selection of home-made cakes, a colorful range of home-made juices and iced teas, freshly made bread, and the city’s best museum coffee.




Apollo Bar & Kantine

Apollo Bar & Canteen are Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s bar and dining place by chef Frederik Bille Brahe. Every weekday from Tuesday to Friday you can enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch at the canteen inside the art hall, and all week you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or an exciting dinner or just a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a drink at the bar next to the courtyard.

Credit: Apollo Bar & Kantine




Of course, you will have to start your Copenhagen Ceramic experience here ;)

YONOBI is my ceramic heaven - a carefully curated store with handmade unique ceramics. Inspired by the Japanese YOnoBI (用美),  which means beauty in practical objects made by craftsmen.  Yo-no-bi consists of two kanji, yo (用) which means use or application, and bi (美) which means beauty. Together they aim to balance the aesthetic and the functional.  

Behind each piece, there is a story. A story that reflects the artist's ideas, inspiration, aesthetics, and techniques. The different stories are the heart of each piece and are what make them special. So when you buy a piece from YONOBI - you now own something truly unique with an unquestionable quality, which will connect you to the artist. 

The store holds artists like Léon Serre, Linda Ouhbi, Cica Gomez and Laetitia di Gioia from France, Anna Jones and Lily Mäe from London, Ghost Wares from Australia, Hasami Porcelain, Ryuji Iwasaki, Yuka Ando, Megumi Tsukazaki from Japan, Oh Oak, Ejnar Paulsen Trine Bond, Landskabt, Robynn Storgaard and Louise Egedal from Denmark - and many many more.

The store is designed in collaboration with designer Nikolaj Mentze from Studio 0405. The store is inspired by Scandinavian raw nature and Japanese simplicity. Clean lines and raw simple materials. 

Credit: Yonobi Studio

Tortus Copenhagen

Maybe best known for his Instagram videos with Eric Landon (the man behind) throwing pottery on the wheel to perfection. Tortus is a producer of fine hand-made ceramics in the heart of Copenhagen. The studio has a small store, where you can buy one of the exclusive vessels and vases by Tortus and other selected ceramics.



Now with two stores in the heart of Copenhagen offering a carefully selected mix of handmade ceramics, one of a kind-products, textiles, furniture, jewelry, prints and original artworks – all handpicked by the two founders. Stilleben also boasts a Stilleben accessory range, only available in Stilleben, as well as a Stilleben Print.

Credit: Stilleben Instagram


HAY House

The cool main store of the brand HAY. Here you can find all the HAY furniture, but also cool vintage carpets, pillows and of course their 'Market’ section – the best array of beautiful knick-knacks.



Frama embodies a straightforward approach to design and aesthetics. Frama works with solid and natural materials, with a simplistic design language. Frama Studio Store is located in the former St. Pauls Apotek, which traces back to the 1800s. Here you can study the St. Pauls Apothecary Collection, Permanent Collection and Studio Collection, including Frama’s award-winning kitchen design. 

Credit: Frama Instagram


MK Studio

Mk Ceramics Studio produces work with clean lines and deep, rich colors, rendered so expertly that you’ll have trouble believing they were made by hand. The studio is a partnership between a ceramicist and a chef, so their pieces are an excellent mix of craftsmanship and functionality, specifically to make tableware for restaurants and cafes. You’ll see their work in some of the best spots in Copenhagen, including Coffee Collective. Of course, you can also buy their mugs, plates, and more for your home, either online or in their studio-store.


Studio x Viaduct

Studio x Viaduct is part of the London-based showroom Viaduct, which presents a carefully curated selection of contemporary and classic design furniture. Every object at studio x viaduct is there for a reason and a purchase – carefully selected to give you a shopping experience out of the ordinary.

The studio is situated in the city center of Copenhagen with a beautiful showroom and design studio. The studio is run by creative director Kirstine Meier Carlsen, studio x viaduct’s approach to interior design is to develop the personal identity of the project, to bring it alive with an emotional impact and always to do more than expected. 

Credit: Studio x Viaduct Instagram 


Etage Projects

Etage Projects is a Copenhagen-based art and design gallery specializing in a cross-aesthetic method. Actively questioning and pushing the lines between art and design, abstraction and function, Etage Projects works with creatives who form their praxis in-between established notions of contemporary art and design, thereby seeking to extend and to enrich the field of interdisciplinarity and collective culture. 



Aure is a Copenhagen-based design studio, made up of four individuals with shared passions and diverse skills. With inspiration from natural materials and textures, Aure creates garments, artworks, interiors, and visual design which all lean towards simple aesthetics. You will maybe recognize the painter jacket which is also the YONOBI store uniform. 

Credit: Aure Instagram





The city area of Nørrebro is a multicultural hub of restaurants, bars, and eclectic shops. Walkthrough the beautiful graveyard where Hans Christian Andersen is buried, Assistens Churchyard, and come out the other side at Jægersborggade, one of Copenhagen’s coziest streets and home to around 40 art galleries, organic product shops, vintage clothes, ceramics, and jewelry designers, as well as wine bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. 




Andersen & Maillard

Great coffee in Nørrebro? This is the place to go. The place is beautiful, near the Lakes and spacious enough for there to always be a spot for you and your newspaper – and your good coffee.

Another breakfast place is GRØD. Grød is quite a hyped porridge café in Copenhagen, but all the tourist guides are right because this is always a good option. There are four Grød restaurants in Copenhagen now, but my favorite will forever be the one in Jægersborggade. The outside seating it’s great for both breakfast and people watching.



One of my favorite restaurants in Copenhagen, partly for the food and partly for their amazing use of ceramics.

The aforementioned restaurant that started the Jægersborggade renaissance, Relæ takes a low-key approach to fine dining. The menu is simple, ingredient-driven, and vegetable-focused. The decor is pared down and minimalist, in that quintessentially Scandinavian manner. And the whole place is seriously committed to sustainability. Food is grown on their nearby organic farm, wine is delivered by bicycle. 

Credit: Relæ


In the mood for pizza?  Bæst is a lovely spot. The kitchen is Italian, and if you’ve never been there before, you gotta go for their ‘Lille Bæst,’ which lets you get around on the menu (they’ve also got a ‘Store Bæst’ – but that’s almost too much). Besides the insanely good pizzas, they make delicious cocktails and store good wines.




Nørrebro is filled with nice shops and my first tip would just wander around and you will defiantly find something you like. Start your tour at Jægerborgsgade and stop at all the lovely stores at Jægersborgsgade, after here make your way to Nørrebrogade and wander down to Fælledvej and Sankt Hans Torv - and end your walk at Ravnsborggade. But here are some places you should defiantly stop.


Mat makes Stuff

A funky little store by artist Matilde Digmann. The store is a true color explosion and holds Matilde's playful one-of-a-kind ceramics and handcrafted limited edition prints - Each piece is unique, handmade and hand-painted. 

Credit: Matmakesstuff Instagram


Plant København (before known as Kaktus)

A great store owned by a group of cool girls with a common passion for plants. Find your new green friend - or just stop by to be inspired by their cool store design and colorful universe. The store also holds a great selection of flowerpots and planters. 


Ceramist Inge Vincent

Stop by the studio and store of artist Inge Vincent, who makes beautiful simple paper-thin ceramics. Nice for gifts or for just bringing something special and handmade with you home. 

The General Store

 A really cute little design store filled with plants, books, ceramics, textiles, and paper goods. Good for finding small unique gifts or new coffee table books. Note: The store just moved to new spaces to Østerbro, but still worth a visit.  


Design Kollektivet

Also located at the cozy Jægerborggade is the small design co-lab store 'Design Kollektivet'. Here you can find a great selection of handmade crafts, soaps and of course Ceramics. For example ceramics by Danish artist Kristina Vilderbøll. 







On the edge between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg, you find the small busy street 'Værnedamsvej'.The street is known for its French feeling and is perceived by many Copenhageners, such as Copenhagen's Paris. Here you will find cafes, specialty shops, deli shops, restaurants, wine bars, etc. The street boasts charm with a good and relaxed atmosphere, where several families and locals hang out on weekends to enjoy the French atmosphere - like in front of Granola, which serves good coffee, milkshakes, and breakfast for the morning fresh. 

Close to Værnedamsvej is Tullinsgade and Gammel Kongevej, and are both lovely streets to slender around. Full of nice stores and lovely cafés. Make sure to stop by 'Eleven o' - a super cool library gallery and café, they have a great selection of magazines and design books. 

Credit: 'Eleven O' Instagram


Relaxed, vibrant and filled with life. As you walk up Istedgade, you will experience another and exciting side of Copenhagen. The street is sprinkling with life, and students, hipsters, and young families are hanging out. For many years Istedgade was dominated by drugs, porn stores, and prostitutes, but today there are plenty of cozy cafes, restaurants, and bars, where there are a good atmosphere and genuine "Vesterbro style". 


Prolog Coffee

Looking for a great cup of coffee? Look no more. Located in the white meat city district Prolog Coffee open its doors just last year - and is already many people's favorite coffee-darling. Behind it stands two enthusiastic coffee-nerds that, besides an impressive knowledge of coffee beans, can also make homemade crispbread and DIY-grilled marshmallows that they have developed along with I'm A KOMBO. 

Credit: Prolog Coffee

Hart Bakery

One of the best bakeries in town, and they also have a few seats for visitors. They make a great coffee, and then you can sit in the window and enjoy a good bread roll with whipped butter and cheese. Simple but good.  


Copenhagen is expensive – with H15 as a rare exception. Based in the meatpacking district - Kødbyen, it is raw and unpolished. Menu focus on simple and tasty dishes is a safe bet. Also a good place to sit and work, if you have the need.




Tina Marie Copenhagen Handmade

At the top of Vesterbrogade - close to Frederiksberg garden and Carlsberg Byen you can visit ceramic artist Tina Marie newly opened studio - and store. The store is beautifully decorated in the same high taste as the ceramics. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for some unique handmade ceramics with that special Scandinavian feel.

Credit: Tina Marie CPH Handmade Instagram 


Viktoria Ceramic Studio Copenhagen

In the other end of Vesterbrogade in a small courtyard you can find another ceramic studio - and Tina Marie's former studio space before she went 'solo'. Victoria Ceramic studio is a working studio with six in-house artists. The store also have a store where you can buy some of the artist's beautiful work. 


Tybo art and Craft

Close to the newly opened metro at Enghave Plads YONOBI favorite TYBO have their showroom and studio. Here you can explore their beautiful ceramics and also see the artist Stinne Bo (One of the three members of the small ceramic family business) amazing paper-art. Opening hours may vary. 

Credit: tyboartandcraft.com


Shop Dora

A true knick-knack gem! Super good and fun – vintage things in the overpriced department. Funny lamps, playful ceramics, beautiful mirrors and always something new and shiny to behold.


DANSK madeforrooms

A cool design store in Copenhagen. Located on Istedgade, the store holds a selection of design furniture, ceramics, magazines, books, stationery and much more. 

Credit: DANSK

Dansk Form

A vintage store that sells carefully chosen furniture, ceramics, art and much more. A good place to go if you're searching for some of that special Scandinavian mid-century design.


A door

A lifestyle shop that sells carefully selected crafts, jewelry, plants, magazines, and coffee. The store is always beautifully decorated in that simple and effortless Scandinavian style.

Credit: A door Instagram





Christianshavn and Holmen offer a wide range of cultural experiences. Whether you fancy going to the opera, experience a cool museum or chilling at the docks - this is the place for you. This Copenhagen area has a chill atmosphere, wicked history, and beautiful sights.

My favorite thing to do in this area is to take a walk along the water edges - and experience the relaxed atmosphere, stop and enjoy the new bridges, like the 'bicycle snake' near Fisketorvet, the newest bridge near Paper island - and my favorite the 'Circle Bridge' built by the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson.



Freetown Christiania is a green and car-free neighborhood in Copenhagen, best known for its autonomous inhabitants’ different way of life. It was established in 1971 by a group of hippies who occupied some abandoned military barracks on the site and developed their own set of society rules, completely independent of the Danish government. Freetown Christiania is a mix of homemade houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, cheap and organic eateries, and beautiful nature.



Local design firm Space Copenhagen didn’t miss a trick when it furnished a former industrial oil warehouse in the old Christianshavn quarter for Rene Redzepi’s new 108 restaurants. The light flooding in through the tall sash windows and high-ceilinged space provide striking relief from the swathes of raw concrete, exposed brick walls, dark burnished metals, and weathered timber.

In the kitchen, Redzepi’s business partner and Noma alum Kristian Baumann blend his Korean heritage with his adopted Danish sensibilities when he mixes preserved berries, flowers, and mushrooms with fermented pumpkin seeds and squid guts to create picture-perfect plates of contrasting colors and textures.

If you can't get a table or have other dinner plans and drop by their day-café 'The Corner '.  They do decent donuts, cookies and, again, bread rolls with whipped butter. It’s apparently the thing.


Credit: 108

La Banchina 

A must-visit spot, whenever the sun is out. The facade is facing the water and there is full of swimming guests in the spring, summer, and autumn. La Banchina is a fun little place; pretty much just a shed and, like all other modern Copenhagen breakfast places – simple. Good croissants. Good bread roll with cheese. Good coffee. A really good place to hang out in the sun. And as all good restaurants and cafes, everything is beautifully served on handmade ceramics. At La Banchina it’s handmade by Danish artist Per Bo, who’s studio you can also visit at Christianshavn.   

Lille Bakery 

It's located, what seems like in the middle of nowhere, but definitely worth a visit. Rustic bakery with really good pastry and bread. The space is super cozy and filled with beautiful vintage wood furniture. They also do a great breakfast serving; yogurt with compote, bread with cheese and jam, etc. Simple, but good!

Credit: Lille Bakery Instagram



Studio Arhoj

Ok, I must admit it's kind of a stretch to say this store is located at Holmen or Christianshavn - it's more Amager, but it is on the same side of the water ;)

A Danish interior & design studio run by Anders Arhoj. Originally founded in Tokyo in 2006, Studio Arhoj is now based in Denmark. Probably best known for their use of colorful glazes and quirky ceramic characters like "The ghosts". The Design Store offers residents and visitors to Copenhagen the opportunity to discover the entire range of Studio Arhoj items within the space they have created. 

Credit: Studio Arhoj Instagram


That's it!

Hope you will enjoy my city - Let the ceramic hunt begin! 

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