YŌNOBI is super proud to present a new and exciting collaboration with the Danish social-economic project 'I Tråd Med Verden' (ITMV). Together with ITMV, we are creating a new sustainable wrapping for our ceramic treasures, but first, we like to present our amazing new partner - ITMV.


'I Tråd Med Verden' (ITMV) is a socio-economic enterprise. 'I Tråd Med Verden' can roughly be translated into 'In thread with the world'.

In partnership with KAB, ITMV run sewing and design workshops in vulnerable residential areas, where they work with upcycling of discarded textiles as a focal point to create job opportunities, networks, and quality of life for people who have lost a foothold in the labor market. The purpose is also to be a local resource to form communities and generate knowledge about textile recycling.

Their work is a local and very concrete proposal on how to work with sustainability in the textile area - an agenda that is pressing hard, where it is necessary to find solutions to the problems the textile industry creates.

ITMV always takes the individual's resources as their starting point and focuses on the work providing successful experiences, motivation, joy, and a belief in the future. 

The Furoshiki cloth

Furoshiki, which translates to “bath (Furo) spread (Shiki),” was first used in the Nara period (710–794) as a means to protect valuable goods.

Since the Japanese have mastered the art of doling fabric to transport and wrap items. This has evolved into a popular practice (particularly over the last several years) in cultures around the world as well.

Furoshiki originated in Japan around 710 B.C. during the Nara period. During this time, the cloth that an object was wrapped in was referred to as Tsutsumi, meaning “package” or “present.” It was primarily used to wrap important goods and treasures found in Japanese temples.

For YŌNOBI this new production of the Furoshiki cloths is a way for us to become more versatile and environmentally friendly - and present a modern long-lasting, and beautiful alternative to gift-wrapping. Each cloth is made by discarded fabrics, natural dyed with the surrounding fauna from the residential areas, or food leftovers like Avocado stones, onion peels etc. and finally sown and cut by the women of 'I tråd med Verden'. 

So as a customer at YONOBI each time you choose to get your ceramics gift-wrapped either in our store - or online, you will donate 10,- Danish Kroner (€1.34) to ITMV, and in return, you will get an amazing gift wrap. There is no financial gain for YONOBI, the full amount is paid to ITMV. 

Find the Furoshiki gift wrap here.

The wrap can be used multiple times either as gift wrapping, but also as tablecloths, napkins, carrying bags, etc. 

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