Yonobi meets: Sanne Bøg Andkjær

We sat down with artist Sanne Bøg Andkjær, who is the founder behind the Creative Studio and design blog  boeg.studio for a talk about being creative and learning new skills.  

What is Boeg.studio?
Boeg is, besides being my middle name, a small independent creative studio that helps brands connect with their audience through insights, strategy, storytelling and design. For the past nine years, I have, as an employee and freelancer, been hands-on in the development, planning and execution of local, national and international digital strategies, campaigns, film productions, visual identities, websites, workshops and daily project managementI have an eye for the big picture and the tiniest details, and I take pride in executing my responsibilities in close collaboration internally and externally and ensuring the process is easy for everybody to navigate, no matter the size of the project. 

How would you describe your perfect day?
A perfect day for me can vary, but a favourite of mine definitely involves sunshine, fresh air, good food, lots of laughter, live music and being with the people I love.

What inspired you to explore the art of ceramics?
In 2020, I lost my job as a Brand Marketing Manager for a men's fashion brand due to the Covid pandemic. It was a traumatic experience, as we had just moved from Copenhagen to Aarhus for this job, and I really liked it and was only just getting started. I felt stressed and was in shock, as running into lousy luck workwise wasn't my first time. So, after spending some time with the family and trying to figure it all out, we moved back home to Copenhagen. My boyfriend, now husband, gave me a six-week ceramic wheel-throwing course at YONOBI, which changed everything for me. I fell in love with ceramics and have since explored sculpting and advanced wheel-throwing techniques at the studio.

How has learning ceramics benefitted you?
Ceramics taught me the importance of having a creative outlet, as work tends to dominate my everyday life.Being together with like-minded people who share the same passion and working with my hands, away from the computer, releases many good endorphins, challenges me and makes me want to explore more, whether by doing ceramics, making art on paper or writing about design.

What is the one thing that surprised you the most in your clay journey so far?
You can't force the clay; it has its own way of coming together. You have to be present and work with and not against it. The calmer, more relaxed and present you are, the better the result and experience. 

Three things you've learnt to appreciate about yourself over time.
Over time, I have learned to trust and appreciate my gut feeling and adventurous and sensitive side. As a person, I'm very emotional, intuitive, loving and compassionate and feel EVERYTHING, especially others' feelings, which I will consider some of my superpowers. Still, it can also be challenging at times, but it has become easier to navigate with age.

Something you are looking forward to this year...
I am launching my new blog at boeg.studio, and it is for those who love design, art, culture and  passionate people sharing their incredible stories from around the world. Follow and read more here.

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