Yonobi meets Malwina Kleparska

For our latest collaboration with artist Malwina Kleparska, we sat down to discuss her process, learnings and experimenting with black volcanic sand.

What was your inspiration for this collection?

For this collection the main source of inspiration was the volcanic sand that I was lucky enough to get hold of in the beginning of this year. The pieces are an extension of my previous work, although this time the vases and candleholders have developed a little and have a more narrow base that elevates the rest of the shape. Last year I did a big project with different glaze recipes and for this collection I chose one of the glazes I made and three different stoneware clays. The glaze changes depending on what clay it covers, from crispy white to a more yellowish warm colour on the darker clays. 

What drew you to experimenting with volcanic rock and sand?

At the beginning of this year I went to a volcanic island with pitch-black beaches. Even before I got there, I already knew I wanted to collect some of it and wedge it into the clay. I have done similar experiments with sand, gravel and clay I found in nature previously but this black sand was something really special.

Three things you have learnt from this process...

One thing is definitely that working in this experimental way is the thing that makes me the most happy. I love the unpredictable results! Another thing is that it is worth giving myself time to develop ideas for new shapes and techniques and try avoiding too many projects all at once. This can be tricky as I always have a lot going on at the same time. And the main thing is to go out and bring more gravel and other materials and do lots of experiments!

How do you wish this collection to be perceived?

The excitement and unpredictability of how the volcanic rock and sand would melt in the kiln has been almost unbearable. I have had so much fun making this collection and I hope a little bit of it comes through in the finished pieces.

Hopes and aims for the future...

Working with materials like sand, gravel or clay I find out in nature is definitely something I am going to explore even more from now on. I am already collecting materials and doing tests in the studio. I have some ideas and have started planning an exhibition.

With thanks to Malwina, and for her beautiful pictures of the creation process. 

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