Les petites chaises

YONOBI is proud to present this unique and one-of-a-kind collection "Les Petites chaises" handmade by Solenne Belloir.

Working hand in hand with essence and appearance, Solenne Belloir has made the chair her favorite subject of study. An object that she declines in miniature versions with rigorously playful shapes, giving free rein to her imagination to deploy an abundant interior universe. The chairs, all unique, allow him to play with techniques and shapes. Inspired by the figures of design or architecture, she rejects the utilitarian approach of their discipline to keep only the sensitive link to the material. All that remains is an emotional relationship to the chair, on which everyone can come and put their feelings rather than their seated position.

In her playful approach to ceramics, Solenne Belloir considers technique as a means of materializing imaginary forms. Her creations always start from a sketch phase, penciled or mental, which guides the artist in his choice of processes. And if the recreational and carnal aspect of the coil remains her preference, she does not hesitate to abandon it in favor of the lathe or the plate to make the vases, the baskets, and the sculptures that she wishes to bring to life. 

Passionate and perfectionist, Solenne maintains an instinctive relationship with creation. Her pieces, which appear so light, require her to master the balance perfectly in order to rise towards the sky, to work on the textures according to the steps. Her pieces are to be thought of as coherent, whole sets, where the pleasure is taken in creating participates fully in the formal beauty of the object.

Please note, that all the chairs need to be treated carefully, and they are only made to be standing on a shelf, etc. as decorating pieces.  

The collection will be on display in the store as part of a special exhibition from the 15th of March - 12th of April. 

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