Yonobi meets Elsa Boch

Yonobi is thrilled to announce yet another new and talented addition to our artist community. Introducing Elsa Boch, a ceramic artist and stylist from Nantes, France. Elsa is celebrated for her distinct and unique style in the realm of ceramics, we had the opportunity to interview her to present the essence of who she is as an artist.


I am Elsa Boch, a French stylist and designer based near Nantes. I graduated in Textile Design and Object Design. After a career as a designer in various studios and for different brands, I am currently focused on my own practice as a pattern designer and ceramic artist.

See more of Elsa's work here

I ventured into ceramics in 2017, specifically with stoneware. Coming from a background of working with textiles, fabrics, and soft materials, I instantly fell in love with clay. Its soft touch, malleability, and calmness spoke to me on a profound level.

All my pieces are hand-built using the coil technique or slabs. This involves a slow process, allowing me to develop my pieces step by step. I primarily create vases, boxes, small plates, and wall pieces.

My ceramics embody both roughness and delicacy. The roughness is expressed through the material and textures, including tool imprints, sand, and granite stones. The delicacy is evident in the care I put into decoration, utilizing patterns drawn with both slips and glazes. I appreciate the contrast produced by the subtle glow of a glaze and a muted palette of slips.

While I'm particularly drawn to British and Japanese ceramics, I don't attempt to reproduce a specific style. Nature, along with my affinity for textiles and fashion, also influences me. These diverse sources amalgamate in my work, likely inspiring me unconsciously.

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