Anna Grahn

Alma coupe


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"Ett glas som fått namnet ”Alma coupe” efter min goda vän Alma som helst bara dricker bubbel i coupeglas".

The cups are handmade by Swedish artist Anna Grahn. 

Her primary medium is stoneware, but she also likes to express herself through photography and painting. She finds inspiration in her surroundings ­­­­– nature, people, and society. Objects or living creatures that she witnesses in her everyday life. 

The champagne cups are made of white clay and glazed with a transparent glaze, making the clay visible but with a glossy transparent glaze on top. 

The coupe glasses are a few varying sizes/heights, but that's part of being handmade. You're welcome to write to us if you like a coupe with a more straight look or a more 'crooked' look, and we will do our best to find the perfect one for you.

Measurements: H: 10-12cm x Ø: 9.5cm

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