Explore the exhibition 'Artificial Nature & Strata’ - a collaboration between the artist and design duo Josephine Andredottir and Emilie Bobek. 


The project Artificial Nature imitates landscape with artificial materials. The artists created an artificial scene of nature because art and design often find common ground here. We ask; Can we live in an artificial landscape without nature or can nature be found in the artificial materials?
In addition to their previous work, the artists have created a new set of sculptures and functional ware made out of porcelain and foam inspired by the natural layers of soils in the ground. They have created an imitation of strata that allows your work not only to look at nature over the ground but underground as well.  
Sculptural function as well as physical function is not an aim in itself but is instead replaced with a diverse landscape where the object floats together as a whole.
Here you are allowed to explore the materials and explore moss stone and soil in a new way. The many handcrafted shapes give a natural rough-looking surface that allows the eyes to wander and find new places to investigate.
Stool, wall pieces, and sculptures are all handcrafted and are made out of materials as mattress, jesmonite, epoxy,  ash tree, and porcelain. Not only is the main product mattress turned into nature, but the works also contribute to recycling and makes focus on creating less waste by giving the once we have new life.


Emilie Bobek (DK) Artist, exhibiting installations internationally made from man-made objects with materials such as; ceramics, wood, glaze, concrete, plaster. Educated at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Holland, and now based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her practice focuses on function and material. The works explore the relations between products and our societies. Questioning how we navigate within systems and how we determine the way in which we interact with everyday objects. She works as an artist and teacher in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Josephine Andredottir specializes in furniture & product design and works with both the classic and traditional design as sculptural one-offs. "I don't want my work to be put into boxes I work across disciplines, in the grey zone in-between concepts and believe that exploring the “in-between” can open up for new ways of using, thinking, and reflecting on objects in our society today.

In addition to my work on furniture and product design in 3D modeling and renderings, much of the work goes through experimental prototypes and more sculptural one-offs that represent an important part of the work and approach to form an idea. I have a passion for the handcrafted, and therefore mix and work in many different materials to find new methods and compositions existing as self-created materials.

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