Yonobi meets: Bastian Bjerge

Yonobi is thrilled to present a new Ikebana workshop hosted by the talented ceramicist and florist, Bastian Bjerge. Classes are held in Copenhagen, with new dates coming for Aarhus in 2024. Bastian explains the important relationship between ceramics and nature, and how the Japanese practice of Ikebana has proven so inspiring.

Read below our interview with Bastian to discover more about his process, and how you too can be involved.

As a ceramicist and florist, what sparked your interest in both practices?

B:  the ceramic part of my interest started when I went on a højskole with art. I went for the architecture class, but then I told my teachers I rather wanted to do ceramic instead of making small model houses. Then it just became a part of me after. As a florist, I have always been with my mum in the garden since I was a little child. I started to lean all the names in our garden on all plants. Then I got a job as a florist where I learned all techniques to make bouquets and so on. So it’s been a part of my life since forever.

What is it about the Japanese practice, Ikebana, that inspires you so much?

B: I think the most inspiring thing about the ikebana tradition is, that it looks very simple and very calm, but you need to think about both the choose of the vase, and flowers too. I really like that you have to think about it, and not just put some red roses in a “Lyngby vase.” I also like the idea that I can make vases for specific flowers and combine both a regular bowl, with flowers. So you can use your breakfast bowl for flowers too.

Three words that best describe you...

B: three words… less is more

How do you unwind after a busy day?

B: I unwind after being busy, listening to music and draw. I makes me feel relaxed to put music on and then draw sketches. Sometimes I also go for a walk to get some fresh air and clear my mind without any music.

What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

B:  I am going to the Japanese Design Festival in November and other design markets. But the Japanese Design Festival is the one that I really look forward to. I feel a bit awe about it, I never been to Japan before and if there is one thing the Japanese people is proud of, then it’s their flowers traditions. And I am going to the festival selling my ikebana vases. But also it’s a very big appreciation for my work.



Thanks to Bastian for taking his time to talk to us. Dates for the ikebana workshop are now available for Copenhagen, with limited spaces available to book online.

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