Yonobi meets Nanna Egebjerg

What inspired you to start Yonobi?

I was deeply fascinated by ceramic craftsmanship, and in 2016, Copenhagen didn’t have many places offering unique, handmade ceramics. My personal love for the craft inspired me to open Yonobi. I wanted to share the stories of the artists and their creations.


How did you approach working with ceramicists & making your artistic selections?

Initially, I enrolled in a ceramics class to understand the basics of pottery making. I believed it was essential to have this knowledge before approaching ceramic artists. The selection of artists and pieces for Yonobi is heartfelt. I choose pieces that resonate with me emotionally, regardless of the artist’s background or fame. If an artist’s story touches me, their work finds a place in our store.


What has been your biggest milestone / achievement?

Yonobi has grown significantly. Starting from a few shelves in my bedroom, we now have a webshop, three physical locations in Denmark, and a global customer base. The most impactful moments for me are when I travel outside Denmark and people recognize Yonobi just by its name. It fills me with pride and humility.


One lesson you've learnt over time...

The importance of learning by doing, delegating tasks, and accepting that mistakes are part of the process. Over the last eight years, some lessons have been costly, both financially and personally. Due to stress and illness, I had to take a step back a few years ago, which taught me the importance of having a strong team and not needing to do everything myself.

and one thing you've learnt to appreciate over time...

The value of partnership. In 2023, I merged Yonobi with my husband Anders Friis’s company. Working together and benefiting from his passion for development, business acumen, and support has been transformative for both me and Yonobi.


How do you find balance in daily life?

Nature is my refuge for maintaining balance amidst a hectic schedule and work commitments. A few years ago, we moved to Langeland, a remote island in Denmark. Living surrounded by sea and nature, gardening while my daughter plays, and enjoying the tranquility is what keeps me centered.

Three things you are looking forward to in the future...

I’m excited to watch my daughter grow up, to continue expanding the reach of Yonobi, and to introduce more people to the world of ceramics.

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