Yonobi meets Gitte Lorentzen

Yonobi is delighted to introduce the talented artist, Gitte Lorentzen, to our community. We recently paid her a visit to delve into her artistic world, gaining insights into the inspirations that fuel her creative process and journey. 

See Gitte's unique pieces here

After many years in the architectural profession, I have jumped out as a ceramist, working with ceramics has become my great passion. In the ceramic field, I can express myself freely, experiment and refine my own personal expression. I like the inexhaustible possibilities of the material, which allows me to create sculptural
shapes and characterful surfaces. It is my intention that the finished form retains some of the plastic expression of the clay, so you can sense the original state of the clay. My works give a sense of something rustic "natural" that is not perfect.

I mainly use very coarse stoneware and intuitively work the surface with characterful refractions (cuts) and traces. It appeals to me that the ceramics stand in contrast to the perfect "cold" machine-made things of our time. I myself experience that utility items that have a more sensuous character, give greater joy and satisfaction to use in everyday life. My design language is sculptural with rough characterful surfaces, texture, movement, play of colors and contrasts between rough and smooth. I experiment with new techniques for shaping, processing and surface treating the clay.

The experiments lead me new ways and make it constantly exciting to be on the road. I dig up earthenware near my summer cottage in Odsherred and use it as slip on my clay objects. This gives the surface a special character, as the "impurities" that are in the locally excavated earthenware give a varied and vibrant expression, in the final work. It also feels meaningful to use Danish clay, something site-specific, which in addition adds something extra that is not available with the more purified products on the market.

I am inspired by shapes, textures and patterns in nature, such as rocks, stones, moss and bark. Japanese traditions of working with the beauty of imperfection are an aesthetic and meaningful approach that appeals to and inspires me. On a more philosophical level, ceramics can express that life is perishable and imperfect.


We thank Gitte for her letting us in on her creative journey. We are excited to showcase her beautiful ceramics on our platform.

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