Yonobi meets Cécile Daladier

 Introducing Our Newest Artist: Cécile Daladier

We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition, the renowned designer and artist, Cécile Daladier. Her work is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, and we are truly honored to showcase her exceptional creations.

Cécile Daladier: An Artist of Distinction

Cécile Daladier, a Parisian native, has spent a lifetime immersed in the world of art and nature. Her unique journey has taken her from Paris to a stone farmhouse in the serene southern French region of Rhône. It is here that she has honed her distinctive style, drawing inspiration from the natural world that has always been a part of her life.


The Flower Vessels of Cécile Daladier

At the heart of Cécile Daladier's artistic portfolio are her exquisite ceramic vases. These vessels are not just vessels; they are a testament to her unwavering connection with the earth and her profound understanding of the art of ceramics. Each vase is a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of nature's beauty, a living testament to the harmony between the wild and the cultivated.

How to guide
The vessels are a botanical theatres that allows you to create a spatial composition with your flowers. Cécile Daladier has introduced a captivating series of "Pique-fleurs" raku vases that exemplify her distinctive artistic vision.
  1. Gathering: Collect foliage from your nature walks or buy a modest amount of flowers with care. Choose buds, and avoid long stems.
  2. Arrangement: Display your gathered flowers on a table or tray, arranging them based on your preferences, just like a painter selecting colors for a palette.
  3. Water Placement: Choose a suitable vase from the "Pique Fleurs" series and fill it with water, ensuring it's flush with the edge. This water's surface and play of light will be part of their new habitat.
  4. Insertion: Place the flowers one by one into the "pique-fleurs" vase, considering the various options provided by its holes and pipes. Cut them at the appropriate height, remove immersed leaves, and arrange them with attention to space and light reflections.
Cecilia Daladier's "pique-fleurs" series does much of the work, offering each flower a unique temporary home within a delicate composition. This process allows you to create a small table garden, a memory of your outdoor walk, with freedom for choreography and a sense of motionlessness.

  • Don't use all available flowers.
  • Group some in the same "Pique-fleurs" vase
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Change the water daily and more often for demanding flowers
  • Shorter stems often prolong flower lifespan in the vase

Whether displayed as standalone pieces of art or used to hold nature's own floral creations, Cécile Daladier's vases are a celebration of the earth's treasures and the artist's unwavering dedication to her craft.

Welcome to the world of Cécile Daladier – a world where nature's beauty meets artistic brilliance.

All flowers arrangements by Bastian Bjerge

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