Welcome to the "Yonobi Meets" series – a new feature in our magazine that offers a glimpse into the creative journey of individuals from various backgrounds. Yonobi meets is designed to inspire as we explore the intersections of creativity and self-care.

For the first in our "Yonobi Meets" series, we spoke with graphic designer Marie Brodersen. Based in Copenhagen, Marie has regularly participated in the wheel-throwing courses at Yonobi and has truly embraced the practice. Starting as a beginner, she has now become more affiliated with the craft.

 Marie has found this new creative outlet to be both stimulating and mentally beneficial, as well as rewarding. We had the opportunity to sit down with Marie and discuss her experiences and how creativity has played a vital role in her life.


 As a creative, what inspires you? 

M: I am inspired by my surroundings, whether it's one of my friends in a stylish outfit or a building I suddenly notice in Copenhagen where I live. When I really need inspiration, I seek it through art, exhibitions, literature, interior design, and traveling. If I need inspiration quickly, Pinterest is my go-to.

Five years ago, I wish I would've known: 

M: I should have partied even more; now I'm too tired. 

How do you practice self-care?

M: I practice self-care by preparing a good breakfast every morning and quietly enjoying it. That part of my day is the most important as it sets the tone for the rest of it. I also visit an amazing skin therapist every other month; that hour is the most comfortable and finest moment I can imagine. Additionally, I work out four times a week to take care of my body - I guess that's also self-care, even though it involves a lot of hard work.

What drew you to ceramics? And why do you keep returning to the practice? 

M: I am an independent graphic designer, which means I can control my own time. I really wanted to take a weekly day off to do something other than sit in front of a computer. A freelance colleague of mine told me he started taking a day off and began doing ceramics. That instantly inspired me, and I booked my first course at Yonobi right away. The aesthetic appeal of the Yonobi website spoke to me instantly, and I felt that the place would be perfect for me to practice my new routine.

A skill you would love to master: 

M: I would love to become better at freehand drawing. I usually do my drawings on the computer. I also really want to master Beyoncé’s dance routines to perfection. Learning how to draw is probably easier.

Something you've learned to appreciate about yourself over time:

M: My calm temperament. I always thought it was a sign of weakness – turns out it's the opposite.

One thing you are looking forward to?

M: Becoming a mother and starting a family with my boyfriend.


We thank Marie for taking the time out to talk to us and share her beautiful ceramics. 


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