Yonobi Meets: Rebecca Hein

In this edition of Yonobi Meets series, we shine a spotlight on Rebecca Hein, a visionary in her own right. As the Founder of Hein Studio and Maison Hein Gallery, her artistic pursuits span creative direction, design, and the world of art. Get ready to be inspired as she shares her experiences and insights, including her participation in two captivating courses at Yonobi: The Turning Wheel class and the Modelling class.

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Rebecca Hein Yonobi Studio

What does self-care look like to you?

R: I have 3 younger kids and a puppy, so for me, self-care is all about alone time and doing something just for me. Going to Yonobi classes was a free space for me to learn about new materials and just play without the pressure of work and sales numbers.

Rebecca Hein Yonobi Studio

What motivated you to try ceramics?

R: I always use my hands to shape my designs, and the materials I use span from foam, wood, glass fiber, steel to concrete, and sometimes unburned clay. I felt like I was missing a material to help bring the design out of my head.

I always wanted to try ceramics out the right way, but I never had the opportunity. I've been following different ceramicists on Instagram, including Yonobi's beautiful store. I read about the course and asked my sisters to join me for a wheel turning class.

How do you feel when you’re being creative?

R: Without creativity, my life would not be the same. It's the thing that pushes me forward and makes me curious about life and learning about new techniques and materials. Being creative and using my hands makes me profoundly happy.

Rebecca Hein Yonobi Studio

What skill would you love to master?

R: Turning the wheel is truly the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm not sure I have the patience to ever learn it. But I bought my own wheel and furnace, so hopefully, I will learn someday. It's really a master skill, and I have a new respect for turned pieces and the artists behind them.

Rebecca Hein Yonobi

Something you’ve learned to appreciate about yourself over time is...

R: My love for learning new things, never giving up, and the eagerness to push the boundaries between art and design.


We thank Rebecca, for taking the time to sharing her inspiring journey and thoughts with us. We appreciate your openness and look forward to seeing your continued artistic endeavors.

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