Laetitia Di Gioia

Bowl on foot

397 kr

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Beautiful bowl on a small foot by artist Laetitia Di Gioia. The bowl is perfect for serving small snacks, green tea, or just as decoration in your home. 

The outside has a lovely matt glaze and glossy inside, which makes it practical for everyday use and easy to clean. The pieces have a smooth yet tactile surface that shoots to the eyes and invites you to use and touch the piece.

Laetitia di Gioia is a French ceramicist whose work is inspired by the nature of her childhood in Burgundy and the Camargue region where she lives today.

Elegant yet rustic, rough, and pure, her pieces add a rich visual and tactile experience to their usage. 

Her work has a natural and soft feel to it. Each piece is unique and results from a long study of the lines of an object. She hand-throws each piece, and you can sense the craft and long study of the lines behind each piece.


ø 10,5 x h 7,5 cm

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