Beauty of Everyday Things

During 3daysofdesign 2020, YŌNOBI presented together with Studio0405 an exhibition that celebrated the Beauty of Everyday Things.

Pictures by Michael Falgren


Our lives are filled with objects. Everyday things used in everyday settings, they are our constant companions. They should be made with care and built to last, treated with respect and even affection. They should be natural and simple, sturdy, and safe — anaesthetic fulfilment of our practical needs. They should, in short, be things of beauty. 

Japanese philosopher Soetsu Yanagi


Pictures by Michael Falgren


The exhibition showcased a large collection of carefully selected objects - unique in their sense of craftsmanship, quality, details, and function. The unique exhibition had a focus on the genuine craftsmanship, the beauty of everyday objects, light, and surfaces in our everyday life.

Pictures by Michael Falgren


During the exhibition and design weekend, YŌNOBI presented a short film by Japanese photographer Maya Matsuura. The film was accompanied by a live performance by Ida Nørby. The music piece is composed by Japanese composer Aya Yoshida.


The performance and music was made with support from the Danish art Foundation.

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