YŌNOBI is proud to present a new solo exhibition by Danish artist Signe Fensholt. 

The sculptures are a limited edition of unique pieces in porcelain. The series point at the way we adapt to the surrounding conditions and how we are taking shape from limits, which is not even recognized. 

With natural growth kept in a strict pile shape, they address the sad fact that we are still fighting with mechanisms of structural repression. Invisible and often denied.


The sculptures are made of plants collected in nature and dipped several times in liquid porcelain. 

The plants conserved in raw porcelain are puzzled up in a mold, leaving an impression of natural growth limited by invisible borders. 

An organic pattern is drawn by itself at the surfaces due to the natural plants and the way the liquid porcelain works. 

The refinement and control are challenged by the unpredictable and non-intended shapes that appear in nature and in the power of the ceramic materials.

At stake here is the interplay between the intended design and the chaotic coincidence in the self-generated shape.

About the artist

Signe Fensholt graduated with a master's in ceramic design from the Royal Danish Academy of Design in 2018. With a contemporary take on craft, she uses nature as a co-creator. Based on an intrinsic knowledge of her field of craft she leaves a part of the shaping to the power of her materials and the natural forces in the ceramic firing. Accepting a loss of control she is challenging the idea of mastery and technical perfection.

She has been selected for major exhibitions and a solo show at one of the leading arts and crafts galleys in Denmark. Every year since her graduation she has received working grants from the Danish Arts Foundation to support her artistic work. She was last year included in the Homo Faber Guide for craftsmanship and creativity run by the Michelangelo Foundation

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