The Journey

Join us in Copenhagen for 3daysofdesign and discover 'The Journey', an exhibition by STUDIO 0405 & YELLOW NOSE STUDIO.

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‘The Journey’ is a call to reopen our eyes and see through the eyes of a young child. A call to look closely and let the imagination wander freely into the inspiring journey of the unknown, strange and beautiful world behind the box.

During 3daysofdesign 2021 we welcome you on the journey from the making of clay to the being of ceramics. A material journey of becoming. YONOBI and Studio0405 invite you to explore the transformation of clay into ceramics and examine the stages of that journey through a tower of boxes, each box reveals a part of the material journey of becoming ceramic. YONOBI reveals a unique exhibition of the Berlin-based Yellow Nose Studio, showcasing the creations using different raw materials in unforeseen ways.

The Journey from YONOBI STUDIO on Vimeo.


The exhibition also shows a large collection of carefully selected objects - unique in their sense of craftsmanship and becoming. With a focus on the connection between nature and its materials, and the journey of which it becomes ceramics.


STUDIO 0405, STUDIO 0405 is a Copenhagen-based architecture and design firm working in spatial design. Commissions include store and restaurant environments, exhibition design, product design and set design. We believe in long-term relationships with clients. We often use non-expected materials and production methods, exploiting our knowledge of niche manufacturers and forgotten techniques, as well as new technologies. Established in 2015, Studio 0405 is owned by Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze. 

For the exhibition Nikolaj have designed the box Mouton.

»On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.«

The box is a free translation from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prize.

It represents the story, in all its simplicity, and has an appeal: it is not a career, expensive things, or luxurious travel that counts, but rather love and care for the things you keep close.

The box is designed by Danish designer Studio0405 and produced of Danish Oak and offcuts from the furniture production. The box is made exclusively for our current 3daysofdesign 2021 exhibition. The box is produced in a limited number of 40 boxes, each box has unique details from the furniture production, and small marks, cracks, etc will be visible. The box is easy to stack and perfect for storage for both home and kitchen. 

YELLOW NOSE STUDIO, Yellow Nose is a Berlin-based studio founded in 2017 by Hsin-Ying Ho and Kai-Ming Tung—a Taiwanese duo with backgrounds in architecture. The pair are constantly on a quest to find the perfect balance within space through handmade objects. Following a desire to create using raw materials in unforeseen ways, they craft with the organic to present items that are usually inorganic, display their logic through emotional processes, and ultimately propel their craft forward through waves of industrial design. Yellow Nose Studio endeavours to represent slow living through living tools for savouring the spaces we live in and walk through from day to day. 

For the exhibition Yellow Nose Studio have created The N-06 collection is the new approach to presenting the character of the material itself.

Through the slow process of forming them layer by layer with the brushed porcelain on top of washi papers is the way Yellow Nose want to show how Isamu Noguchi's meditation room inspired them.

During the firing, the paper erodes and loses control of itself, leaving behind the poetic fragility; the translucence of its sheen is how the sculpture sparkles.

Discover the unique pieces from the exhibition here

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