YONOBI MEETS: Louise Walter Hansen from Tyst Tea

What is your morning routine?

I wake up early and go for a dip in the ocean, followed by a short Kundalini session. I then enjoy a cup or two of Organic Karigane Soukun – my favorite morning tea.

How did your interest in tea begin?

I took my first sip of Japanese green sencha tea in Paris many years ago and felt like it opened up all my senses—the smell, the glossy needle-shaped leaves, and the depth of flavor. Traveling to Japan some years later, I learned about the rituals and traditions of the Japanese tea ceremony and experienced how these can be adapted to everyday life. I learned how to enjoy tea on a daily basis. The Japanese attention to aesthetics and nature also aligns with the way I have always lived my life—simplicity, clarity, materiality, and nature’s essence bring pleasure, insight, and calm.

What led you to start your own brand?

With Tyst Te, I want to share my love for Japanese tea and the quiet space one can create around a simple tea ritual. It brings me such joy in my everyday life. For this, I aim to offer some of the best quality organic teas that Japan produces and, therefore, work with small farmers who focus on production methods and terroir.

If you could choose one tea to drink for the rest of the month, what would it be?

Organic Sencha Kashira.

When creating your tea, are there certain ceramics you reach for? It could be a favorite cup or pot...

It changes every day. I have a small selection of cups and pots, both new and vintage, that I love. I choose them depending on my mood for the day. I prefer to brew my tea in a small Azmaya Kyūsu made from crow clay in Tokoname. The tea just tastes so good when brewed in one of their pots.

One skill you would love to master...

The art of Kintsugi—repairing beautiful pieces with gold to make them even more beautiful.

7. Something you remind yourself of daily...

To be present.

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