Yonobi meets: Sebastian Quistorff

Yonobi has chosen to serve Prolog coffee in our little boutique-café, and for a good reason. For this Yonobi Meets, we sat down with Sebastian Quistorff, the creative force behind Prolog Coffee. As the Co-Founder and Brand Director, Sebastian brings a unique blend of passion and innovation to the world of coffee.

Dive into the inspiration behind Prolog and the ethos that drives its success into a brand synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

What makes the perfect cup of coffee? 

S: For me coffee is a lot about context, the environment, the atmosphere, the people around it’s what makes the coffee unique and it’s own story. For me it’s like wabisabi philosophy to find perfection in the imperfection. 

What inspired you to create Prolog?

S: To explore the combination of giving the guest the best possible experience and the craft of coffee. 

You have a keen interest in ceramics, how did this start and what do you most appreciate about the art form?

S: In the search of how to create a great experience for our guest, we discovered our coffee was elucidated better when drinking from different cups. We started to drink our pour over coffee from Japanese sencha cups and saw a potential of playing around with it. 

After we made a unique collaboration with Oh Oak (Sarah Oakman), where we since have made a line of ceramic cups dedicated to different servings in our coffee bar and for our guests. 

I really appreciate the hospitality level of serving something unique for the guest where the synergy of coffee, atmosphere and ceramic adds to the quality of life. 

If you could master a skill, what would it be?

S: Hm, I don’t know even of where to start. Right now I’m doing some research for a new project where we will use an anagram kiln. 

I really admire the craft.

Community is important to Prolog, how do you nurture your community? 

S: It comes very naturally for us, we love our guests and without our guests we would not exist. We want to add to the quality of life for guests by giving unique coffee experiences. The community is a result of this where people feel connected to the philosophy. 

How do you practice self care?

S: I really like running, the way to get out and clear your minding is very peaceful for me. I do sourdough baking where the slow process is really good for my mindfullness and focus and contributing for my well being. Spending time with my family is a big part for my self care. 

Five things you've learnt to appreciate about yourself over time...

S: I really like this question, I think to reflect and take my time as good things is always coming when you take your time. 

Being positive, postive thoughts is very powerfull tool to overcome different situations and periods in life. 

Listing to myself - to think and feel of your mood is, trying to be balanced as possible and best version of yourself. 

Reading, read all kind of stuff but do it without a screen. The tactility of a book,  the smell of the ink for a newspaper etc. 

Three things you are looking forward to in the future

S: Being happy and grateful for my life, my family, and my friends. Being inspired by everything that life brings. To challenge my self and my surroundings embrace life and its qualities. 


Thanks to Sebastian for taking his time to talk to us. We welcome you to our café at Nybrogade 28, where you can enjoy a cup of Prolog coffee. 

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