PAO ceramic

Prima Blanca — A

6.500 kr

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Beautiful vase handmade by PAO ceramic - Paola De Narvaez. A French ceramist, illustrator, and graphic designer

PAO ceramic creates poetic objects to give color to our daily lives. Inspired by rêverie, everyday romance, and poetry, her work is an ode to the delicate beauty of nature.  With graceful illustrations and finely engraved patterns, PAO infuses her collections with a narrative essence that stimulates the mystical experience.

As an illustrator, she approaches ceramics as an opportunity to give drawings a new dimension. She is fascinated by binding the objects’ shapes to the drawing to make them become one.  She is currently working with texture as a drawing medium by using a contrast of bare and glazed clay. The drawing becomes more than something “on” the object; it is inherently part of it, in its core.

Every piece she makes is fully hand-built and -painted, created in small series collections of unique pieces.


H: 36cm, ø39cm  


White stoneware, Glazed in shiny white

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