Simon Manoha

Hand carved Chawan - Tea Bowl

750 kr

Only 1 piece in stock!

Chawan by ceramist Simon Mancha, born in 1987 in Guilherand Granges, Ardèche, France, who established his workshop in his ancestral land.

This tea bowl (chawan), perfect for matcha or loose leaf tea, is hand-carved using the "Tama Zukuri" and "Kurinuki" techniques without a potter's wheel. Simon Manoha crafted it from local sandstone clay that he personally harvested. The bowl is glazed with enamel made from locally sourced minerals that are hand-harvested and ground. It is then fired at a high temperature of 1300°C in a wood-fired kiln over several days. All products are food-safe and watertight, ideal for daily use.

approx: h 11 x 12 ø cm


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