Kristine Vedel Adeltoft

Hand-thrown Mug

380 kr

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Beautiful mug - handmade by Danish artist Kristine Vedel Adeltoft. 

Kristine has a large and well-functioning studio at the farm, where she works full-time. Her focus is on hand-thrown stoneware and the development of glazes. She primarily makes tableware and other functional items. Kristine has, for example, delivered plates and bowls for Restaurant Noma, Cph. and Restaurant Ö, Nysted.

Her work is about emotions and senses. She is inspired by nature around her, and she believes she can capture a tiny bit of that in the creating process, making it live on in her pieces to be sensed by the one holding it and using it.

All ceramics and glazes are developed and made by Kristine herself. All pieces are food-safe and can be put in the dishwasher.


Approx 12 - 13 x h 7,5 cm

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