Malwina Kleparska

Big Vase with one hole – Bonewhite stoneware

3.800 kr

Volcanic Rock and Sand Collection – Exclusive collection made for Yonobi 

Vase handmade in a bone white stoneware clay

This special collection is made out of two different stoneware clays. A dark gray clay and a bone white clay. The third colour comes from a mix of both of them. Black volcanic rock and sand have been wedged into the clay and spread out randomly in the making.

Before the second firing the pieces are dipped in a silky matte glaze with a different outcome depending on what body of clay it is covering. From shimmery white to a warm yellow/brown colour. During the glaze firing the volcanic rock and sand melts, blends in with the glaze and runs alongside the ceramic pieces. The result is unpredictable and a lot is left to chance, making every piece unique. 


H 29 x W 20.5 x D 8 cm

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