Danish Clay Design

Ikebana Vase - Ishi

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The vases are inspired by Ikebana, a Japanese way of arranging flowers. They work both with water for fresh flowers and without water for dried flowers.

The vases are hand-thrown in either grey or red stoneware clay and glazed on the inside with a transparent glaze. Some are unglazed on the outside - this expression Lærke calls Ishi, meaning stone in Japanese. Others are coated with an earthenware clay body, which melts and creates texture during the firing - this expression she calls Iwa, meaning rock.

Lærke Møller Hansen is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy’s School of Design. She creates ceramics under the name Danish Clay Design.
She fell in love with Japanese aesthetics and culture on a study trip to Japan. As a result, her ceramic expression and primary source of inspiration is Japanese simplicity.
For her, form and aesthetics go hand in hand with functionality and great design - a solid foundation she continues exploring. With her ceramics, Lærke aims to bring value to even the small moments of everyday life and enrich your home with beautiful and simple designs in earthy colors.


7 x ø 14.5 cm

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