Makoto Saito

Small Plate

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Beautiful small plate, handmade by Japanese artist Makoto Saito (齋藤一).

Makoto uses semi-porcelain clay as a base, mainly shaped on the wheel, then adds layers of colored slips and glazes with different melting points. He layers each material, considering not only the simple layering of color on color but also the change in color due to the reaction between pigment and glaze. The glaze and polishing create a matte surface texture after firing.

In creating his work, he considers the social meaning and function of the vessels and their relationship to food. Since a vessel is a tool, it is usually made with the user in mind, but he also wants to consider something that has or had life just like us that is placed on or in it.

This product is certified as safe for use with food.


Approx. w 17cm  x h 2,3cm

Please note that the glazes are naturally applied to each ceramic piece. Therefore, the patterns of glazes may not look the same even in the same color.

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