Bronwen Grieves

Sculpture BG 497

4.300 kr

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Sculpture handmade by Bronwen Grieves - a ceramic artist based in Nottingham, UK.

Bronwen hand-build her work in her home studio. Her strongest influences are around structure, texture, and contrast. She is influenced by structures in the built and natural environment equally. Her head is just as likely to be turned by towering cliffs, the texture of a rock, an expansive bridge, viaduct, or towering crane. 

Bronwen uses gritty clays which are strong to help her to hand-build objects which are fragile. She is deliberate in building objects on teetering legs with thin textured walls. She is always looking for the edge. Bronwen uses texture as her principal form of decoration, alongside pale slips and glazes. The sculptures are all one of a kind.


H 22 x W 20 x Ø 20 cm


White stoneware, glazes

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