No 111

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Unique sculptural vase handmade by Musette Céramique.

For this body of work Julie Deault, who is the artist behind Musette Céramique, has been using white stoneware and adding a coarse grog to the clay before starting to build, which adds a lot of texture once the piece is finished. She leaves the outside of her work unglazed. She doesn't like using glazes to cover up the clay. "There’s something so beautiful about this material in its raw state, and it also puts emphasis on the subtle curves and shape of the piece."

All pieces are handbuilt. Each piece is completely one of a kind, with irregularities that make it beautiful and unique. Work is numbered on the bottom to highlight its uniqueness – each vessel is the only one of its kind.


h 32 x w 30 cm


white stoneware clay body with grog

unglazed exterior, clear matte glaze inside

one of a kind | numbered and stamped

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