Solenne Belloir

Pear basket

2.400 kr

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Amazing coil-built ceramic basket in the shape of a Pear handmade by French artist Solenne Belloir. The basket is made of stoneware clay.

Solenne is a ceramist artist from Paris who makes unique ceramic pieces. The baskets were influenced by the basketry works of fascinating Japanese artists, such as Iizuka Rokansai and Sugiura Noriyoshi. In the creations by Solenne, the presence of matter is as important as the lack of it, she aspires to leave only what is essential to her. "I like to think that my pieces are not only built of soil - but also of air."

Technically, She works with different high-temperature clays, often with grog, alternating between white sandstone and black sandstone or coloring the clay. She alternates between wheel throwing and modeling, which allows her to combine different types of shapes and explore the endless possibilities of clay.

Measurements may vary 1-2 cm

H 25,5 x ø 23 cm

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