Katrine Bidstrup

Sculpture 'C U R V E S'

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Beautiful unique handmade sculpture 'C U R V E S' by Danish artist Katrine Bidstrup.

'C U R V E S' is a result of many hours of drawing the human body.

With C U R V E S the goal of correct anatomy is replaced with an intent to express feelings and vulnerable aspects of being human.

"In my portrayal, the accurate and concrete are not in focus. I look beyond. The body as I perceive it – that is the interesting aspect to present."

The foot of the sculpture is Raku-burned, which is an old Japanese way of firing ceramics. The process is rough and leaves unpredicted patterns on the surface.
The body of the sculpture is unglazed, so the raw clay is shown as the skin.

ø 14 x h 17 cm

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