Laura Pasquino

Soft Moon - Black

13.000 kr

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Beautiful 'Moon' vase handmade by Laura Pasquino.

Laura's style is defined by a natural aesthetic. Minimalistic and harmonious shapes that celebrate the imperfections and beauty in understated. She expresses herself through the textures and organic nuances of clay, striving towards a balance between traditional techniques and simple elegance. The works are often left unglazed, to show the humble beauty of the material.

When working, her aim is to give character to the piece, rather than trying to make it perfect. She leaves her fingerprints and tool marks as they happen during the creation process. It gives soul to the object and is a trace of Laura's process from that particular moment.

The pieces we are so lucky to present at YONOBI are a range of ceramic sculptures that capture the powerful stillness and quiet aesthetic of the moon. These minimalistic shapes, made from stoneware ceramic, celebrate the imperfections, simplicity, and beauty in understated. Being captivated by pure forms that resemble infinity has led the artist to create a series of unique moon jars and circular sculptures. The works reflect influences from traditional Korean ceramics and Japanese principles of wabi-sabi.


Dimensions: Ø 32 x H 31 cm, opening Ø 1 cm

Material: stoneware ceramic

Finishing: unglazed natural stoneware

Colour: black

Signature: artist stamp on the base


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