Sofie Berg

Wood-fired mug

300 kr

Beautiful wood-fired mug handmade by Sofie Berg.

Sofie Berg works in stoneware and hand-thrown most objects. About the wood burning: She has built her oven, where she fires the ceramics with wood. The process is time-consuming, and the oven is small. This makes the wood-fired objects few and becomes extra unique. The wood-burnt objects are unglazed, but during the burning, ash from the fire settles and salt, which she adds to the pottery and creates a glaze in itself. You can see the fire's movements above the ceramic's surface.

This process creates ceramic pieces consisting of just clay and ash - natural materials. Every object is unique due to its placement in the kiln and the amount of ash attached to it.

"The kiln I've built is small, and the process is long, which makes collections of wood-fired pieces limited and unique.

It’s always best to handle them with care and wash them by hand. Due to the nature of handmade ceramics, all sizes and colors are subject to small variations."

This product is certified as safe to use with food.


Height: 7,5 cm

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