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Meet the teachers


Han Nguyen

Han Nguyen, before becoming a potter she used to mill about in the game industry as a game designer of educational games and an artist in Denmark. During a career break she discovered clay, which has since turned into a career change when she found herself on a path that led deeper into the world of ceramics. Since that muddy meeting, she spent an autumn at Bornholms højskole, an internship at WAUW design and then committing herself to 2½ years in Clay College at the heart of the potteries in Stoke-on-Trent to hone the craft of producing high-quality handmade ceramics. Her time in the UK has introduced her to a great variety of styles and techniques, in particular the energy and playfulness of slipware as well as the craft and effortlessness of the old country potters, which has informed and shaped her making process.


Davide Ronco

Davide Ronco (IT), is a graduate of the Ceramic MA at the Royal Danish Academy and currently lives and works in Copenhagen. His practice is grounded on material research and solid craftsmanship within the field of contemporary art and experimental design.